18 July 2011

Fashion | Primark Accessories Haulage

I'm obsessed with Primark accessories at the mo...can you tell?

This lovely brooch and earring sets were only a couple of squids each...a complete bargain.

Did I mention I bought four sets of feather earrings in one week? It's a mania.

I am IN LOVE with the last pair of these I bought which had little red and green flowers, they're unbelievable comfy and perfect for a city break where you are tramping for 16 hours a day but don't want to be rocking Nike Airs.  My joints are what they used to be.  These £4.  FOUR POUNDS! So so cheap.

All this for under a tenner.  Can't beat it with a stick.


  1. Primark is the place for accessories galore, thing is everything is so cheap I end up spending loads x

  2. Love the brooch! was at Primark last week missed it :( I did buy the same earrings though! ;)


  3. Wow love all this, great bargains. The multi-earring sets are lovely!

  4. I love all of these items, especially the feather earrings as i am a sucker for them!


  5. The earrings are so cute, I love their earrings always have so many styles xxx

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