1 June 2011

Fashion | Primark Madness! I Like Big Hauls and I Cannot Lie!

You know the drill, you go in for some black opaque tights and come out with:

I don't think I've ever paid £18 for a pair of Primark shoes, but these feel lovely on despite the heel and see how it dips into a 'V' shape at the bottle of your ankle? It elongates the leg and banishes stumpiness!

They came in black too, which I would have gotten more use out of, but the wooden heel looked really cheap on them.

I love espiradrilles.  They give me some inches but don't hurt my fee to much.  The bow on these is a bit wonky, but for £6 I'm not too fussed.  Got me a cruise coming up so they are suitably nautical methinks.

These little babies were £4. FOUR QUID! They come up a bit small so I had to go for a size 7, but they do look dinky on.  Even my mum commented.  Perfect to team with a nice little sundress and go exploring in a European city.  These will do lovely for Venice in July.

I picked up the blue ones too as I have a lot of navy and blue summer dresses and they look cute with indigo jean capris.

I'm not entirely convinced on these as they aren't very comfortable, although I do love the turquoise detailing.  However they were £10 and I know I can find prettier out there if I look.  They're going back.

I recently joined the gym again so I needed some nice new flip flops to keep the veruca germs away.  I got these two for £2 - bargain! They're a bit tight to slip on handsfree, but once on they're nice and snug so I reckon I could do quite a bit of walking in these.  They're pretty cushioned too.

Now onto my favourite bits - the bling!

Guess what? I LOVE pearls! This pretty amazing little bracelet was only about £4 (I can't find my receipt!)

I'm on a kinda nautical kick at the moment as I have a couple of cruises coming up.  I know the captain will love my steering wheel and anchor charm bracelet (£1.50!).  Although I'm not sure whether to leave the cute fabric bow on or not when I wear it? Suggestions? 

The Little Mermaid in me had to have this seashell necklace and the miser in me more than approved as it again, was only £1.50.  I think I'll layer this with another necklace, perhaps my dainty Alex Monroe  butterfly. 

Yes, still with the nautical...for £1.50...

This necklace is a bit massive, but I'm hoping I can carry it off with a simple top/dress and a fierce tan.  This was £4.00. 

I'm swimming at the gym too and a noisy tesco bag just isn't cutting it anymore, so I picked up this cute bikini pouch to carry my wet cossie home in.  Not sure how waterproof it is yet, but at least it would work as a useful pouch to store valuables in at the beach.

So there you have it my lovelies.  It had been about 3 months since I'd stepped near a Primark, so I don't think I went too crazy.  

So what bits (if any) do you like from my haul? What would you return?

*Title courtesy of this fabulous lady


  1. What the!? I need to hit up Primark! Like NOW! Lovely stuffs you got! <3

  2. those flip flops with the turquoise beading look so pretty i may have to pop into primark next week :) how come you started another blog? xxx

  3. @Angel - I know! Some seriously pretty stuff in this season.

    @Gemma - Oops! I'm an enabler! Here's why: http://portobellopearls.blogspot.com/2011/05/because-one-blog-is-never-enough.html

    Kat x

  4. Oooh such a fab haul, that coral dress is so, so pretty! Although £15 for a dress and £18 for shoes is quite high for Primark, hope the quality is reflected in that though? The jewellery is all gorgeous too. Love the new blog by the way :)
    Sarah x

  5. I've seen a few Primark haul posts today and seriously need to get down there! All the shoes are fab especially the first ones xx

  6. The coral dress is fab! The flower necklace will look amazing with this dress! I Love the nautical jewellery!!!

  7. Did you return those flats? I'm on a search for some glamorous ones. I'm developing a bunion on my right foot (going doc's tomorrow to confirm) from wearing too many high heels / point toes. Gonna spend the summer days in blinged out flats. Top Shop and River Island have some nice ones that I've seen so far.

  8. Wow what a great haul you got from Primark! Well done for spotting all of these lovely things- usually I just get annoyed with the crowds and leave. I should try harder!x