17 April 2013

Around London | Pop-Up Classic Movie Nights with Bea's of Bloomsbury

Back when it was almost too cold to blog, I checked out Bea's of Bloomsbury's pop-up block party style classic movie night at the back of Maltby Street under one of the railway arches. While I have to say the set up was a little more ghetto than I expected, it was only a fiver and I had a good time getting reacquainted with 80s teen classic Pretty in Pink. In warmer weather I would have had a great time!

They serve up yummy food during the film, so I helped myself to a chilli cheese dog and one of their infamous deep friend brownies.  Both were delicious if not heart attack inducing and they also have wine, beer and soft drinks on offer. 

Some of their upcoming movie nights are Grease, The Goonies, The Big Lebowski and Fight Club.  Check out the full list of events here.

Maltby Street is near London Bridge station, but as it's a little bit of a trek you could jump on a bus or just make sure you have your GPS on.  On a dark January night we felt like we were actually in some kind of gritty urban New York thriller film trying to find the place!

It's a fun place to go with a bunch of friends, and as the weather warms up, could be a date option too unless your other half is a bit of a princess! 

16 April 2013

Asia House Fair 2013

Last Thursday I popped along to a preview of the the Asia House Fair which was a fascinating little marketplace of exquisite unique hand made arts, crafts and design from Turkey to Japan.
I made a rookie mistake and turned up with a hefty camera minus one memory card, so I had to rely on my chugging old iPhone 3GS for the photos.
This was the fourth fair they've hosted and I'm definitely looking forward to 2014.  Keep your eye out on their website for updates and news on all their other events and exhibitions.

12 March 2013

Shake Shack is Coming to London!

Yes indeedy, famous cult New York burger joint Shake Shack is coming to London's Covent Garden in mid 2013.  'Citing!

The UK's first Shake Shack will be located in the Market Building near the Royal Opera House and the menu will feature all your favourites plus some London-orientated fare.  While I'm so delighted about the news, they really have missed a trick in not setting up camp here sooner while other fabulous burger joints like Patty & Bun have proliferated in the last couple of years.  Saying that, Shake Shack was only established in 2004, so kudos to them for going global nine years form inception.

Check Shake Shack out at www.shakeshack.com 

The Portobello Pearls wires have also been abuzz with the news that West Coast burger chain In-N-Out Burger are scouting for UK premises.  After my long-suffering 'Bring In-N-Out to Britain' Facebook campaign, this is music to my ears and sweet sweet milkshakes and delicious burgers to my lips!