10 July 2011

Fashion | My Picks from Primark Autumn Winter 2011

I'm really not enamoured with the Primark A/W 2011 collection at all...I don't follow fashion trends that much but prefer to dress in whatever flatters me best - and if that happens to pop up in a season then it's all good.  

I don't like jumpsuits, granny length skirts and cardigans or colour blocking, 70s revival and especially despise mustard!  However if I had the model's body I would get the blue jumpsuit below.

Props to Primark for using a ginge :)

So of all the PR shots released, these are the only outfits I think are passable, but each to their own!  I only like the jacket from the bottom left and the skirt from the bottom right - not the whole get ups!


And here's a closer look...

I do really like the cut of this jacket, but wish it was navy with camel accents instead.

Again, I love the cut of this coat, but the orange piping...yeah...not so much.

On the model this jumpsuit is an azure blue, but I think it looks nicer as a deep navy.

This dress would be a lot better if the two little breast pockets were lost.  And if it was navy!

Again, I would prefer if the main part of the skirt was navy, with coral accents.
This is my favourite piece from the collection - bling and beige...lovely! Although I'm pretty sure it was in the press shots of one of their last collections...I hope not though as this is definitely something I'll be keeping an eye out for.

So there's my decidedly unfashionable take on the next Primark collection, but hey, I like what I like - navy and vintage/1950s/60s tailoring!

I don't have prices for the gear, but as can be expected it's all pretty affordable, although I do notice that Primark prices are creeping up.  I spotted a dress there the other day for £25...Eeeeep!

What do you think about the collection? Does it leave your cold or are you looking forward to it keeping you warm during A/W?!


  1. Yay for using a redhead. I need the little dress, but otherwise I could leave. I'm not the biggest Primark fan, however I like the accessories, so I look forward to seeing those.


  2. She's gorgeous, isn't she? I do love a Primark bargain, but their AW collections over the past couple of years have left me cold.

  3. Oohhhh!! I'm gonna get that jumpsuit! Love it!! <3

  4. I think it will look lovely on you! We should do a Primark haul together at the end of summer!

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